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Now offering postpartum home visits! Available for the first 12 weeks postpartum

Physical Therapy

Pregnancy & Birth Prep

We’re here to empower you.

Pregnancy is a wild ride – postural changes, hormone influxes, and muscle adaptations are happening daily.  We’re here to provide individualized guidance on what your body needs to help you stay moving, help you stay pain free, and help you achieve your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum goals.

Whether you want to learn how to prep your body for childbirth while minimizing the impact of pregnancy on your pelvic floor and abdominals, do things differently than a previous pregnancy or birth, are wondering how a prior injury or condition may impact your labor and delivery, or you’re just tired of hearing your aches and pains are “normal in pregnancy,” we’re here to empower you.

Common conditions in pregnancy we treat:

Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction (SPD)

SPD or pain around the pubic bone, groin, or pelvis with movement.

Pelvic Girdle Pain

SI dysfunction, tailbone pain – a literal pain in the butt.

Low Back Pain

 Just because it’s common doesn’t mean we can’t treat it.


Nerve pain radiating down the leg.

Hip Pain

Commonly pain on the side of the hips, thigh, or groin.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic pain, heaviness, pain with sex, incontinence.

Urinary Leakage

Leaking urine with a cough, sneeze, or urge.


It is recommended to work with a physical therapist if you are experiencing back pain, pelvic pain, SIJ dysfunction, pubic symphysis dysfunction (SPD), hip pain, neck pain, upper back pain, or rib dysfunctions. Working with us during your pregnancy establishes the relationship and lines of communication for your postpartum needs.

Working with one of our therapists during your pregnancy establishes the relationship and lines of communication for your postpartum needs.

Learn how to manage pre-existing injuries or dysfunctions safely and comfortably during your pregnancy. Prepare for the postpartum period by getting individualized guidance on the optimal recovery strategies, biomechanics, and equipment you may need.


As movement experts, we have the unique ability to assess the mobility, strength, and flexibility of your unique body and address how these factors may impact your birthing experience. 

Learn how to prepare and protect your pelvic floor prior to giving birth.
Feel prepared for labor and delivery by working through positioning and strategies tailored to your body for all stages of labor. 
Create a plan for positioning and movement strategies during all stages of labor while keeping your pain medication preferences in mind.
Get assistance in communicating these preferences to your birthing team.
Develop an approach for the early days of postpartum recovery by learning how to navigate those first few weeks

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